Dan S.

This place is amazing. Iris did such a great job. I loved the new technique she is using in which she climbs on the table and hangs onto bars attached to the ceiling and does deep tissue massage with her feet…. so good!

Claire B.

If you are ready for a treat, call Manish. He is one of those special people who has the touch. It is so rare to find a massage therapist who can apply deep massage with such attention and is so open to finding out exactly what works for you.

Miller S.

I’ve been getting massages for 20 years, and Iris is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. She is focused, caring, and communicative. You can tell she takes her profession and customers seriously. I’m an athlete, and now I consider getting...

Jim S.

Iris is amazing, especially if you’re an athlete. I’m an avid runner and since she also runs, she knows exactly what areas to work on. I now go once a month and I look forward to every visit!

Dale L.

A truly professional massage therapist is hard to find, one who not only knows what he/she is doing, but who is also dedicated to tailoring every massage to each individual client. Well, if you are in Davis, get your appointment with Kathleen at Serenity. Not only has...